Monday, August 31, 2009


Got Dostana from Netflix the other day---and finally had an evening to watch it and laugh in peace!! This movie was funnier than I had expected, I have seen some major duds that Abhishek has been in (Drona was like watching a very bad train wreck, you had to be certain that all the injured got out!! Everyone, even the horses, looked embarrassed to be in this movie!).
I had watched the publicity on this movie, since they filmed in Florida, and that the filming took place at the time Abhi and Aish were celebrating their first wedding anniversary--Yes, I am a Bollygeek, and followed the wedding preparation!!

The chemistry between the three lead characters, Abhi, John Abraham and Priyanka Chopra is fabulous--you kind of want them to fall in love, but then you don't want them to lose this wonderful friendship they have.

The Florida beaches, art deco architecture and nightlife is as much a part of the movie as the story of the 3 young friends. Priyanka's aunt is a real hoot--she reminded me of someone, and I can't quite place her.
This was a fun movie to enjoy on a night with a bit of knitting!! I would recommend it highly!

And then, I had some Sunday enjoyment of a repeat viewing of Paheli--when ever I can get 2 SRKs at one time, I certainly will take it!

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  1. you're right on about both Drona and Dostana.

    I enjoyed dostana much more than i thght i would - in fact it is one of the best movies i've seen out of bollywood this last decade.

    couldnt take more than 20 mins of drona - and i was knitting at the time :)

    hmm... paheli - saw the trailers, but couldnt make it to the theater to see the flick. maybe i shd try and get the dvd.