Saturday, November 7, 2009

Flu is gonna get ya!!

I have been very lax with postings--October was a horribly busy month-I think I had only 3 days off which is probably the reason I have the flu! Got to see another film in the theatre-Dil Bole Hadippa with Rani Mukerjee and Shahid Kapoor. What a different role from his role in Kaminey! DBH was pretty typical Yash Raj fare-tell a story, make a point, do it for families. The group at the theater this time was lots of families-with everything from toddlers to grannies. I have found that I enjoy going to the later show to see how the regular Indian audience reacts.

Saw several films from Netflix--Dostana--even the horse seemed ashamed to be in this awful movie--Abhishek should not try to do heavy drama/sci fi--Bollywood does not seem to do well on any kind of SciFi films.

Also watched Delhi-6--a wonderful movie--will write more later.

It has gotten that I feel so terrible that I don't want to watch a bollywood because I would have to concentrate a bit and read! Well--I have a bollywoodish film, After the Rains, loaded up, may do it today!

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  1. I know you meant Drona when you wrote Dostana because I saw the same train wreck. Bad. Sci-fi and fantasy are not well-done in Bollywood. I do love Abhi and Priyanka in almost everything else though. I just saw Dil Bol Hadippa and i think it really cinched Rani as my favorite. I thought it was great..funny,colorful and the music was fab. Shahid has impressed me since day one. I feel like I can relate to him more because he is around my age. Or maybe its because he started his rise as I started watching hindi movies. Kaminey was great,very different but very enjoyable. Delhi 6- really loved it a lot. found out after that the girl in it is anil kapoor's daughter. she was also in Sawaariya with Ranbir Kapoor(who I adore!)-a bizarre film as a whole but as her debut I thought she did a good job.