Sunday, August 2, 2009

Been a slacker!

Sorry folks, I have been a bit of a slacker! I have seen a few movies, but have been busy with 2 jobs and lots of other projects. I suppose I could give you a bit of a review on one or 2 of the most recent movies I have seen. I will be heading to Worcester area today to see Love Aaj Kal with Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone, I have already fallen in love with the music (you gotta love iTunes) and I find that Saif is one of Bollywood's most underrated stars--I do like his style and scope.

One of the most recent movies I watched was a Salaam Namaste with Saif and Preity Zinta. I had fallen in love with their chemistry in Kal Ho Naa Ho--and had heard much about this movie.
Well, take the time to find it and watch. This movie takes place in Australia-Preity is a DJ, Saif an architect turned chef(he really wanted to go to culinary school, but his folks insisted he do a 'real' career). Saif and Preity meet when he caters a beachside wedding of a friend of Preity's.

The couple, falls for each other, but Saif doesn't want to commit. They move in together and soon are into a very hot and heavy relationship. This movie has a very western style love entanglement. There are some modest but very hot 'sex' scenes--(my favorite was in the tent on the beach), yet they still meet with Indian expectations. I guess that is why I love Bollywood--they try to develop a relationship with a couple rather than just having them jump in bed--and even if the relationship gets physical, the physicality is not the focus, it is still the relationship and feelings of the couple.

When Preity gets pregnant--Saif doesn't want anything to do with the baby, and Preity decides to have the child anyway. Well, with typical Bolly/Hollywood style, Saif realizes how much he loves Preity and they get together--I don't want to give you too much--soo-go rent!

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