Thursday, November 24, 2011

A shot of Shahrukh!--Ra.One

Well, he finally did it! SRK made the movie for his son Aryan--a Super hero film! The Indian press has not been horribly kind to this movie-for it is very different from most traditional films, yet it is very traditional! I an not a huge fan of action, scifi, gaming movies--but hey, it was SRK!
All that I had read about this movie--the bringing in of FX experts from the US to teach Red Chillies staff how to do the effects, the fact that SRK wanted to do all the stunts(hey, he is very injury prone it seems), and the fact that one of my not so fav actresses was going to be his co-star(Kareena Kapoor, hey she redeemed herself in this one, seems when she is paired with SRK, she CAN act)--I had to go see it!

Well, the weekend it opened(Diwali in India, Halloween here in the US) was the weekend I had planned to go to the cinema in Shrewsbury to see it--a couple of my friends had planned to come as well. Well, Mother Nature intervened--Saturday they predicted a heavy wet snow fall for Saturday nite into Sunday--I was still hopeful that it would be able to be cleared out for the Sunday afternoon show. My big concern was, should I see it in 2D or 3D?? Whenever I have seen some film that is supposed to be 3D(IMAX for one), I have gotten the worst migraine ever. The theatre was only doing one 2D show, the bulk of them were going to be 3D--I figured I would decide when I got there.

Well, the snow and wind began--the trees still were fully leafed out-then they began to fall!! We got nearly a foot of heavy, wet snow--lost power at about 8:30 Saturday nite--I was still hopeful that it would be back by the afternoon. Well, this was a historic storm, it turned into a full-blown Nor'easter, most of Western Massachusetts and parts of Connecticut and Vermont were buried in snow, downed limbs, trees and electric poles!! Sunday afternoon--we are looking around, the landlord comes with his backhoe and his son with his chain saw--they cut a path to the main road a mile in--they came back saying there was so much debris not only on our street, but the main road! Man--little did I know this would be the first full day of 8 days without power! Without power, heat, running water(we have a well) and regular hygiene!

I kept hoping that Ra.One would still be at the theatre once the electricity was back. I won't bore you with the boring search for batteries, hot showers, and water to flush the toilet(think snow melt from the roof)-you never saw anyone so happy to see power back on Sunday--which included having to bathe 2 cats that thought by sleeping in the cold ash in the fireplace would keep them warm!

I kept checking the film listings at the theatre--and sure enough--the film was still playing nearly 3 weeks in!! Gotta go--both my friends were not sure if they would come, one had major tree removal from her property, the other was stressed from work and not sure either. Well, come heck or high water, I was going to go--but--but--it was only in 3D--oh well, I would chance it.....
Well---I am glad that the choice had been made for me--this was fabulous--and one of my first modern 3D experiences. I am wondering, however--if the entire film, including end credits was in 3D--why wasn't the beginning credits in 3D?? The disclaimers about not doing these stunts, the dedications, and the first few scenes seemed out of focus--was this on purpose--or what?

Well, this fast paced film was great--very different from any other Bollywood I have seen, or any other SRK film--but it still had dil! Even though the video game had a villain that was more powerful and 'sexier'--it was still the core values of Bollywood films that brought the hero to the forefront-- dil , family and good. Sure, a lot of the references were very traditional--but if you didn't know that Ra.One(Raavan) was the embodiment of evil and G.One(Jeevan) is the embodiment of good--who shall ultimately win, you still get a great film, great stunts, great ideas!

I wasn't too sure how I would like this movie--but I loved it--and now am looking forward to the Christmas release of Don 2.
I had been pretty stressed, as had been my friend who came with me, but this pure escapist fun and SRK to boot(and Arjun Rampal wasn't bad as the villain)--was just the tonic I needed--I keep forgetting that Bollywood can usually get me out of a funk or a bad mood--humm 4 day weekend, lots of football that I don't watch--I see lots of Bollywood in the future!

Challo--come along and enjoy!