Monday, May 30, 2011

Rocket Singh, Salesman of the Year

Rocket Singh--an honest man in a dishonest world of sales. How does someone who is sweet, honest and hardworking make it in a cutthroat world?? He doesn't change himself, he changes the corporate culture! When Haspreet Singh goes to work for a large computer company, AYS, little does he realize that he must change how he thinks, acts, and believes. On his first sales call, the company owner demands a bribe for his services--when HP thinks this unethical, he leaves and then puts a letter into the company suggestion box.
Upon his return to the office, he is berated and called stupid, slow and a loser. He is now the office scape-goat, but that doesn't stop him. He begins to see how badly the company he works for treats their customers and he sets out to make it right.

This sweet little movie is following the trend of 'message' movies in Bollywood. No song or dance, no seltzer in your pants(sorry could not resist), just a message on how those that do well unto others can make it in the real world. If Bollywood makes more movies like this--their popularity in the west will surely grow. Take a movie with a message, add good acting, a well thought out script and you will have a winner. And this movie is a winner!!