Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Knitting has taken center stage!

Well, I have been neglectful here! But since my purpose here is to spread KNITTING and Bollywood--the knitting side has been taking over.
I have been able to watch a number of great movies that I will soon be posting about--Ghajini(with Aamir Khan), Salaam Namaste, Shakti:the Power. But right now I wish to mention all the Yarny bollyencounters!!

I have told you all before that I play Bollywood, or related music when I am at work at the yarn store(I have that wonderful 3 CD set of Rahman's music that has been getting regular 'airplay') The music has gotten me talking to very many Hindi film lovers as well as NRI(for those not in the know, NRI is Non-Resident Indian)!!

One very slow Sunday morning--I was working to allow the young lady who normally works Sunday participate in graduation festivities(she graduated high school). This couple came into the store, it was obvious that they were Indian--they heard Rahman, and began to whisper amont themselves. The husband approached me to ask a question about the Polish pottery--and hesitantly asked if the music playing was Bollywood. I said oh yes, it was a new CD I had gotten from a friend in India that was Rahman's music. Well, this lead to a long, very enjoyable conversation about Hindi films, music, actors--I told them there were 2 theaters near the area that played first run Bollywood. We talked about the strike--they left and we felt as if we had been friends forever--they also joked I should start a side business and rent Hindi films from my collection at the yarn store. That might make our selection even more eclectic!!

This past Saturday I had a similar encounter with another Indian couple. I had just downloaded the soundtrack to Salaam Namaste from iTunes(don't you love iTunes!! once you figure out how they list bollywood soundtracks, you can usually find them!) We also had a very pleasant conversation about Hindi films--as well as knitting!!

I have found that most people, when they come into the yarn store and I am playing Bollywood--seem to smile more, often even very elderly men, will tap their foot, hum along and altogether seem happier when they leave!!

I will try to post some reviews of the movies I have recently seen and hopefully, there will be a first run movie that I want to see, running near me soon.

Soo---Namaste and here is to happy knitting with Bollywood!

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  1. Since I don't knit, I will comment on the movies you've mention;) Ghajini- I just don't know what it is about Aamir Khan! I have seen a number of his films..Lagaan,which I liked a lot;Fanaa,again I liked a lot; Dil Chatha Hai; was good but i would have proably liked more if SRK was playing AKs role. There were a few more that aren't coming to mind. Aamir's movies are usually well-done,well-acted,tight etc. But he doesn't move me for some reason. I don't want to go see his movies when they come out like I do with SRK,Hrithik,Shahid Kapoor or Akshay Kumar movies. I did see Ghajini and it was well-acted but depressing and tense. I already knew the plot was less than bollywood,from the american version Memento but it got good reviews and I liked a lot of the music I had heard. I guess I only really liked him in Lagaan.

    As for Salaam Namaste,it was one of the first Bollywood movies I saw and I loved it. It was pushing the envelope a bit at the time but it eased my way into more "conservative" hindi movies. I love preity in everything I've seen her in! SAK has definitely grown on me since this movie. Shakti:the power. I hated it! i'm not sure why. I think it was really violent and overacted. I may re-watch it down the road. I didn't like Karisma Kapoor at all..she was just as bad in Fida. I love her sister though!