Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Name is Khan-a week later, almost

I have been musing over My Name is Khan--I re-read the post I made fairly soon after seeing the movie, and realized I was gushing. I have had time to contemplate, and discuss the movie, as well as read many other reviews. I do agree, the movie is not perfect--some stuff is pretty hokey, other stuff just uncomfortable--there are times when SRK is in the small village(which reminded me of some 'historic' museum) seem pretty weird. Still, the movie is moving and helps to make a point.

Today I have been reading accounts by SRK of plans of Fox's to re-edit the movie for the American audience-even SRK says the film is too long for American tastes. After sitting in the audience of mostly Americans when I saw the Mira Nair film The Namesake--that did not seem too long--hopefully Fox bigwigs will realize that Americans can sit through a long movie. I have been contemplating what Fox might cut out--it would be hard to remove parts of the movie without totally changing it, and then it would be a terrible film. My main hope is that Fox does not dub the film, hopefully they realize that Americans aren't stupid and can read subs, sure that will limit folks going to a film with sub-titles, but it will not exclude all that many. It certainly would not exclude My Name is Khan from Oscar contention--let us hope that is their plan!

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