Friday, March 12, 2010

Contemplating a book

I have read lots of books on Bollywood--most are very scholarly, explaining the sociological aspects of Hindi films, how the music has made the films popular. Many of these books have been a hard slog for even me--a reader of dry dull histories!! I spend lots of time explaining and condensing down much of what I read--from books, on-line, and in various articles-to friends who want more understanding of Hindi films. Well, a friend of mine at work, whom I have re-acquainted with bollywood, has been trying to convince me to write a book that will help Americans in particular understand Hindi film.
Well, that idea has been sort of running around in the back of my head and it is starting to look like a decent idea! Many Hindi films are getting much wider release in the US, and I am doing my darned best to try and get more and more people wanting to watch them!
Well, many Americans thought Slumdog Millionaire
was a Bollywood film, well hey, it was filmed in India, it had Hindi filmstars (Irfan Khan, Anil Kapoor-to name a few). But, Danny Boyle is an English director, that bought the rights to a fabulous book, and made a movie in India--the only bit that was bollywood about this movie was the end credit dance!
Well, more I think about it, the more the American audience needs a book! But do I do something akin to an 'Idiot's Guide to Bollywood', or do I do my own take?? I still need to figure that out and have lots more ideas to hash out and a book to actually write!

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