Saturday, May 9, 2009

Paheli Pick Me Up

It has been a hectic, tired week! Most mornings I needed something peppier than NPR to keep me awake at work. I have listened to various soundtracks to get me there. I had begun to watch Luck by Chance, but the tiny, odd fonted subtitles made my eyes go crossed. The yarn store was kind of slow today, and I got to listen, at rather high volume, many of my favorite soundtracks! Ghanjini, Swades, and Paheli on the way home. This dreary Saturday needed a color boost! Son was off with friends after taking the MTEL exam, so I did not need to inflict this movie on him for yet another time. Paheli is a Rajasthani folktale--of a lonely bride that awakens the heart of a ghost. The ghost takes the form of her husband--who has left on a 5 year business trip for his father. The ghost admits to the young bride who he is, and she keeps his secret. Their love grows as her real husband--in a far off city--begins to miss his wife he had yet to know. The ghost and the bride's love takes root, the household is happy, prosperous--lost honor is returned, lost husbands return. When the bride is ready to deliver the child of the love she has for the ghost--the true husband returns!
This movie is colorful, joyous and reassuring! It makes you believe in love once again. This movie also helps you to realize that Hindi films can make a story based on Indian tales--Hindi film is not the step-child of Hollywood. Many films reflect the values, ideas, and ideals that are India--stories told to children of all ages.
This movie will cheer any dark, dreary day and make you wish to go find your true love--and hope that you can find your soulmate that you will be with for seven lifetimes.

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