Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Love from a friend I have yet to meet!

Today I got a parcel in the mail--from India! From a sweet young lady who I have only met via email and the online knitting group Ravelry. We befriended each other over a discussion of crochet and Hindi films! She lives in Chennai, and wondered if I had viewed any Tamil films. Well we got talking--she asked if she could send me anything I have had difficulty finding--well a movie for which I have been dying to see since it's release. Taare Zameena Par--which was Aamir Khan's directorial debut-I had been listening to the music for ages, and hoping it would soon be released her in the US. Well, to make a long and annoying story short-Disney picked up the world wide distribution rights to this movie. I was anxious, knowing how Disney tends to 'homogenize' everything it touches, I was afraid that Disney would make a mess of the distribution. Disney announced it would be released in March of 2009-then they delayed it to September! I read on the Disney website that they were also going to release with the original subtitled film, a DUBBED verison! Sacraledge! As a fan of Hindi Cinema and Bollywood in general, most of us who love the films find no problems dealing with subtitles. I was apalled that Disney had planned to not only delay release but to also dub it. I asked my online friend if she could easily find a copy of TZP, with subtitles (and playable in US)--she said--oh yes! I was in heaven!
Well her parcel arrived today! Not only did she send the movie, and 2 lovely dupatta that I will treasure-as I treasure a necklace sent me by a penpal in India when I was in Junior High school--she also included several treasures I had not expected!!
First off were 2 issues of People magazine--you say People, hah, I can get that here! Bash I say, these are the Indian versions-great filmy gossip and one had a cover interview with Shahrukh Khan!! Then I found a mug with SRK's 'mug' on it!! Well, after just seeing this image and jumping up and down--I did not even remove it from the box while out at the post office. I rushed home, emailed her my great thanks--she asked if I liked the personal touch her fiancee had put together!? I ran, looked at the mug-and lo and behold-SRK is wearing a tshirt that says Bollyenabler! Now I am forever famous, and forever close to the star I love! Hey, now I am beginning to sound like some crazy teenage fan! If you all knew how hard it is to feel this passion for Bollywood here in the USA! You enjoy the news items that say Anupaum Kher has signed to do a Woody Allen film(one I may have to go see, even though I do not find Woody that entertaining!). Thank you once again ms crochetress--your gift will be treasured. Now, to find the perfect thing to send in return-there is no way I can top the kindness sent me from far away

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