Monday, May 11, 2009


I find that Bollywood helps me through alot of things! When people talk about going to expensive psychotherapy--spending thousands of dollars to talk through their problems with an overpaid listener--I just grin and hum a Bollytune! When my spirits lag, the world overwhelms, I feel totally stressed--a movie, a song, a book about my favorite Bollywood theme will cure me in no time! My son and I went to see the Star Trek film on Mother's Day, we are both dire hard Trekkers--me since the original series, and my son can recall the day that The Next Generation premiered! We enjoyed our outing and the film as well. I am of the ilk that we stay until the last credit-all those people worked hard and need to be recognized. As we were leaving the theatre-I asked gee where is the rest of the movie as well as the item number! I find that when I watch Hollywood movies do not take the time to build a story, they end the tale when you are just getting involved with the characters and rooting for the underdog. That is why I love Bollywood--the story keeps you intranced, you understand the motivation and the story gets finished. Talking with one of my Bollyconverts and I were discussing the same topic, we both feel that Hollywood could learn an awful lot from Bollywood actors, directors and films on the whole--India really knows how to tell stories. India has been telling stories for as long as man has listened--not only does Hinduism have the oldest written religious texts, but many of the myths are old if not older. Man has always loved stories--the longer the better. This is why Bollywood will probably out do and outlast Hollywood--this current strike by distributors and producers which has put a halt to new releases--let us pray for the end to the strike and a collection of new interesting Bollywood stories to make us laugh, cry, worry, forget, and all out enjoy! Namaste to all.

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