Saturday, February 23, 2013

Shahrukh Films I have seen and loved! Part 1!

Someone told me the other day--you should write about all the SRK films you have seen!--humm how would I do that?? I have seen nearly all the films he has made, the good, the mediocre, the outright awful--even some where he just did a cameo!
Any SRK fan will recognize this picture from Billu--it was the Marjaani dance bit he did with Kareen Kapoor(not a bad number, even if it does contain Kareena)!
Some of his films have left me wondering--why he did them. I know he made specific choices early in his career to not do romantic 'chocolate box hero' roles--this is a quote I read in a book written about him--and his early roles reflect this!

My first film I ever saw with him was Kal Ho Naa Ho--my goddaughter brought the film back from India--and said I needed to watch! Well, that film not only hooked me on Bollywood, but it made me the biggest SRK fan in the Northeast!

The heart wrenching interaction between SRK and Preity Zinta makes me cry every time I watch this film! The story may be hokey, the songs so so--but SRK is in top form as the romantic lead. The first time I saw this film, I had not seen any other Bollywood films, so I missed the subtext and references to other great BWood films--Lagaan, DDLJ to name just a few. As well as I did not recognize the significance of the cameos of Kajol and Rani Mukerjee and other female leads of SRK's!  I had much to learn!

After seeing this film, this made me want to find more SRK films on Netflix--or buy what I could cheaply--and my collection began! 

My next film of SRK's that I love and have seen many many times is Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge or DDLJ. This was SRK's first romantic lead--and boy does he do it up well--no sappy romance for him-he is a cynical Indian raised in London who falls for a very traditional Punjabi young lady. This film set the bar very high for Bollywood romances after its release and has been hinted at and referenced in many films since. I used to try to watch this film on the anniversary of its release every year--but have been remiss of late--my dream one day is to head to Mumbai and see it in the Maratha Mandir theatre where it has been playing since the films release in 1995!! According to the Wiki entry on DDLJ--this film is in the 1001 Must See Films before you die(along with Mother India)!! So I guess I have seen all the Bollywood I need see??? NOT!!

There are so many films--I think I may need to do more than one blog post Ms Aish!!

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