Saturday, February 23, 2013

Missing movies!?

Well--I have watched a few films lately--several were great--one was a waste of my time(sorry Erin!).

Khanaai (2012)--Starred Vidya Balan--and I never thought I would love a thriller so much!  I had read so much about this film and when I finally got to watch, I was glued to my seat!  This thriller is a murder mystery(I think!)--it is a very hard to classify film, even for a western film! Vidya(the character's name is the same as the actress'), very pregnant, heads to Kolkata during the Durga Puja festivities --there is  a real symbolism between this celebration and the story that gets told(and when I totally figure it out, I will let you know).Vidya is in Kolkata to locate her missing husband--he left for business and never returned to London.
Vidya struggles with the heat, her large belly, the crowds and the lack of co-operation from authorities as she tries to find her husband. The police think she is crazy--but one officer is assigned to help her and ferry her around Kolkata.
She checks into a semi seedy guest house, where her husband had stayed--this place is not very clean, the 'running' hot water is provided by a small boy!  Vidya spends much of her free time in the hotel room cleaning it!
Vidya convinces the young police officer that her quest for her lost husband is part of a conspiracy--which seems to be true as many of the people she talks to about her husband end up dead!
I won't give up too much of the story--don't want to give you any spoilers(sweetie--oops sorry another passion!)  But I never expected the ending that was!! I will need to watch this film a few more times to figure out all the clues--and they were very well placed/hidden--the 'running water-boy' at the guest house, the woman in HR of the company where her husband works, so many clues were tossed about!
This film was made on a very very small budget--there are not multiple costume changes(I kind of think that the actress used her own clothing!), there are no dance numbers, no lavish sets--but this movie hooks you in well and good!
One thing to consider when you watch this film--keep in mind--nothing is as it seems! This film is a perfect mystery film--clues and red herrings abound, but the ending is.... well--you must see it !

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