Sunday, August 29, 2010


This movie has been sitting on top the TV for quite a while--gotta love Netflix, but if they realize how long I keep a movie--I am in trouble. Alex had to go to a meeting this morning, so I decided to watch Paa.
Mind you, I am not a huge Abhishek Bachchan fan--even in the roles I like, I find him a bit underwhelming. He doesn't have the charisma on the screen that Shahid Kapoor or SRK have-but he ususally does a great job--umm, let us forget about Drona, in that movie, even the horse seemed embarrassed to be there.

This low-key movie has the romantic start that many expect--the young lovers in college. When Vidya discovers she is pregnant--he lover Amol, feels not ready for family, marriage etc. He suggests terminating the pregnancy--Vidya just says that she will no longer be a burden to him. Vidya is worried that her mother will be upset and throw her out-but her mother is her biggest supporter.

When Auro is born, it is obvious there is something wrong--the diagnosis shortens his life expectancy--Progeria--a rare genetic disorder that causes rapid aging--Auro's family treats him not very differently--the school he attends, treat him like a regular 12 year old.

Auro wins a contest--meets.........well, I think you need to watch this charming film yourself, so I am not going to give away any more--other than Auro does meet his father--and you have a sad but happy ending.

The extras are not much on this disk, just showing the progress Big B underwent for the prosthetic makeup!! Alex was home by then, and marvelled that he felt no big Hollywood star would allow to have himself filmed while the mask and prosthetics were being made!! Gotta love Bollywood!


  1. Paa.... the ultimate movie which gives huge smiles and great touching scenes which make us cry like anything,.....amitabh is just outstanding along with his dad Abhishek in the movie.... more about movies can be seen here on