Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Name is Khan--is coming!

Well, I got the notification today that my DVD copy of My Name is Khan is on its way. I am kind of nervous about it arriving--which version will it be? Will it be the international, edited version(without the embarrassing hurricane bits), or will it be the version I saw at the theatre that shows first run Hindi films?? The hurricane bits were cringeworthy--but if they take them out, how will it affect the movie?
I still have a backlog of films to finish/or just plain watch! I have a SRK film in the DVD player that even my meager knowledge of Hindi is telling me that the sub-titles don't give you all the information you need. I finally broke down and bought (on a major sale from Nehaflix) The Inner/Outer World of SRK--so many things seem to refer to the interviews etc on this DVD--that I felt I finally needed to become a voyeur into SRK's life.

Oh well, to have several days to do nothing but knit and watch Bollywood!--and now I found I have a friend who is also a Bollywood nut---humm need to really find out HOW she got hooked! My dear, sweet goddaughter got me hooked by making me feed her while we watched her Hindi film class homework, and then when she brought home Kal Ho Naa Ho from a trip to India--I was sunk for good into my obsession!

Oh well, let us hope I have time to check out My Name is Khan this weekend--I so look forward to the extras!

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  1. I didn't really see much point to the hurricane bits. Other than helping to establish what a great guy he is, it didn't further the plot..it lengthened it certainly, but took him further away from his quest. I SUPPOSE if I had to defend them, they gained him national recognition and furthered his goal of meeting the Prez. But mainly,they served only to frustrate me!I'd 5 star it without the hurricane! I didn't know they were considering ommitting them, seriously!