Thursday, April 16, 2009


After some conversation on various forums about this movie--I feel it is time to put my 2 cents out there. I am a major Shahrukh Khan fan, as if you have not been able to tell from the various movies I have talked about, and was introduced to this movie by one of my dear friends(Andrea) who had seen it for Hindi film class. Well I fell in love!! When I love something, I become a terrier worrying a rat! I looked for and found the Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay novel from the early 20th century. I read the book with relish, and found that I loved the book as much as the Bhansali version of the movie. I began to read reviews that said the movie was overblown, prententious and not well done, even though it had debuted at the Cannes film festival.
I recently read an article "Dancing to an Indian Beat" by Sangita Shresthova in Global Bollywood, Travels of Hindi Song and Dance that discussed the intricacies of Indian dance that Bhansali had used to portray emotional connection between Paro and the prostitute Chandramukhi made me want to view the film yet another time. Once I realised, back after I had seen the 2002 Devdas, that there were other versions--I hunted down the 1955 version with Dilip Kumer and Vyjayantimala--this black and white film is just as wonderful as the lush, colorful version. I have found that there are many, many layers to Hindi films--they not only reference other films, traditional Indian culture, current Indian culture and Hollywood!
Please, when you delve into Bollywood--watch it more than once--first time for the impact and story--then go back and look behind the curtains, you will find more than just a wizard!

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  1. Lush and Colorful. Heartwrenching and Chilling. Gorgeous music as a backdrop to a gorgeus backdrop. A fabulous cast who embody human emotion. This movie is one of a kind. Its story isn't altogether new on the "tragic love story" scene. But the way the movie comes together, its taken to an almost surreal level. When I watch it, it seems that nothing exists outside the world of Paro and Devdas. Total absorption,total immersion of the senses and emotions.