Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I have been a bit remiss! A Bollywood mini-marathon!

I have seen a number of new and old Bollywood lately, yet haven't written about them. I just found the first Bollywood movie made! Who knew, You Tube! Only one reel of Raja Harishchandra still exists, and someone has put it on You Tube, it is a silent film, and this version has some of the 'behind the scenes' of Phalke's work on the film.
I have watched just a bit, and have found it fascinating!

I have been doing a bit of Bollywood marathon the past few days--Saturday night was off to the cinema for Krrish 3: I was disappointed--I guess I expected more, the hype was incredible leading up to it. The reviewers had nothing but glowing praise(unlike the panning they did of SRK's Chennai Express).  Then I raided Erin's movie supply(as well as got back some of my stuff!

I gorged myself on Sunday with Cocktail and Chennai Express (I even watched the making of stuff). I was thoroughly entranced and very much enjoyed Cocktail: Deepika and Saif have such great chemistry together and the story was sweet.  Re-watching Chennai Express was just so much fun! I had forgotten how much fun a good comedy/action flick can be.
SRK is not afraid to refer to his old movies, make fun of his image and just plain have fun. I had not seen a film directed by Rohit Shetty, but Erin was kind enough to lend me a couple of his films. I normally don't like action films, but this seemed so tongue in cheek! The communication via songs(using melodies from so many films!), the tag line that was so evocative of Om Shanti Om, the  patent SRK moves from other films--it was just so much fun, it totally perked me up!

Monday I took off from work for a doctor's appointment, so when I returned home--more movies!  A sweet film that Barfi- this sweet little romantic comedy made me realize--there is someone for everyone.

Ranbir Kapoor is fantastic in this role as a deaf mute young man who falls for an autistic young girl. Barfi's father works for Jhilmil's father--when Jhilmil's grandfather passes on, he leaves all his money in a trust to his granddaughter(not trusting his own son). The sweet relationship between these two develops from a protective one to one of true and enduring love.

Then, I needed another shot of SRK--I had my copy of Jab Tak Hai Jaan for some time--and even though wooden Katrina Kaif made me very frustrated when I saw this film in the theatre( I rooted for Anushka Sharma to get SRK in the end)--I watched and enjoyed it for a second time. I even watched the extras of making the movie--I usually avoid them, for even though there is a lot of great stuff--mostly it is in Hindi, with no subtitles, but I got through quite a bit of the extras. One day I may watch the interview with Yash Chopra--but I do know that will be in Hindi only, even though Yash spoke English well, he was more comfortable with Hindi. It was kind of sad to see some of the comments from the actors that they hoped that this would not be Yash's last film(he had said he was going to retire after this film)--all the actors who had not worked with him before, and those that had, kept saying he was an actor's director. Watching Yash traverse the harsh terrain of the locations where they shot gave me even more respect for the eighty year old director: he was taken too soon.

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