Saturday, August 25, 2012

Long Time Gone--or my reflections on a Chubb Fellow

I know it has been a long while since I have posted--but many things have changed. Certainly not my love of Bollywood, nor my desire to know more about the world, India and life--places have changed, stuff is still being arranged!
We had a stressful year, with having to move after 20 years, and not really planning the move(stuff just tossed into boxes and crates and moved)--many of my precious books on history, Bollywood and food are still in crates--no place for them to go.

I wish I had heard at least a week before this happened, and I would have figured a way to get my self into the Shubert Theatre at Yale University. Sharukh Khan was awarded the Chubb Fellowship at Yale and on April 12th--made a fabulous speech.  I finally sat down and watched the YouTube video a bit ago--and it even firmed up my love of this man and what he does.

SRK was feted by the Chubb Fellowship before hand--and if you go to the Chubb site you will have 600+ photos to go through that show the events! {}  Yes, you heard that right--600+ photos of SRK!!  SRK was treated to a private reception, with smoozing and dancing--yup dancing. Then there was the lecture he presented with questions and answers and more dancing!--and the photos then show the dinner that included the students of the Timothy Dwight House as well--with more smoozing, talking, presentation to SRK of Yale memorabilia  and Dancing!

SRK's speech and the following questions and answers afterward, showed that SRK doesn't really take himself and his world wide fame that seriously!  Once again, when he arrived, he was detained at the airport--geez this is getting old!! SRK spoke of the last time he was at Yale, they were filming KANK and his mouth froze as he was singing to Rani--and he hoped his mouth wouldn't freeze up again.
I will include the official YouTube link for his lecture and let you form your own opinion about SRK-I will be off for now--but back soon with my thoughts on cable providers, DVDs, and Don2!

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