Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dus Kahaniyaan

Just finished this flick from Netflix. A very different Hindi film Dus Kahaniyaan (7 Stories). This is seven very different tales. They all are tales of betrayal and loss--yet in some loss there is finding. Most are directed by Sanjay Gupta, others by Megnah Gulzar-all use a similar realistic, documentary style.
The first tale--High on the Highway-deals with a couple that she refuses to committ--they party one night begin their walk home--both high. He begins to hallucinate that she is abducted and hurt-goes home and kills himself. Most of these stories have actors that are not 'big names', but the tale, Lovedale with Anupam Kher as the young woman's father who asks his daughter as she about to marry, if she really is in love. She says no, and he sends her to find her love-with a tale of a missed love he had. She shows him an earring that a woman on the train had given her-it is one of a pair he had given his love! She returns to the town, Lovedale, finds the man she loves. He sees both earrings, asks her about it, she tells him of the woman, his mother who has been dead 10 years.
All of these stories have this kind of surprize ending-the story of the rival hoods who bonded as boys over their first killing, who fight off killers and each other in the end.

This group of stories is a wonderful, different take on life-it would have been just as effective by an American director or an English director. They are powerful and moving

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