Saturday, November 24, 2012

An afternoon with SRK--Jab Tak Hai Jaan

I know, I have been remiss with my entries this year--but it has been a crazy year. Moving, trying to get permanently re-hired at work, lack of funds and motivation to see a Bollywood flick!

Well, when I heard that the Indian grocery had a an advert that Yash Chopra's last film(and of course SRK's new film) was going to be playing in a nearby town, I jumped to see it! It was a special deal that a small indy theatre had arranged--but the owner of the theatre didn't get the word out really well. I finally called and talked to the wonderful young man running the place and got times--so we (the terrible trio of crazy white ladies who love SRK) headed to Agawam for the Sunday of Diwali to see Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

With all the secrecy during the filming--the title wasn't released until the film was nearly done, the lead actresses kept under wraps, story line minimal--SRK tweeted about some of the shooting in Kashmir and Ladakh--about the beauty of the area and how difficult it was to film in remote areas.

The publicity began as Diwali neared--some of the big promos began about the time of Yashji's 80th birthday--SRK did a long interview(I sure hope they subtitle those on the DVD release).  Many of the cast seemed in promo mode when they attended Amitabh Bachchan's 70's birthday party, though Yashji wasn't seeming well during the festivities and went right to the hospital after the party.  Word was that there was still a few scenes they needed to film in Switzerland--you need to have some stuff filmed in Switzerland for a Yashji film!

When Yash Chopra did not recover from his bout with dengue fever and died October 21st--the entire Bollywood community wept--what would happen now to this film--would they film that last bit, would it release for Diwali??

Well--they did not go to Switzerland, they premiered it the day before Diwali in a lavish tribute to Yashji--they put a tribute to Yashji in the beginning credits as well as the end credits.

How was the film?? It was  grand SRK film--his brooding, exuberant, wonderful self held the film together. I tried not to read reviews prior to seeing the movie--but, I was really concerned about his pairing with Katrina Kaif(I was hoping against hope that she was not his primary love interest, and was hoping that Anushka Sharma would win out--they had such great chemistry in RNBDJ!!).

From the leaked photos from the London shoot, I knew that Katrina was the main focus--but why?? She is such a wooden actress--it amazed me that SRK could get such hot and heavy scenes--yes there is a kissing(several) on the lips!! with such a stiff young lady in his arms!!

If you are going to see a great female lead actress do her best--this is not the film for you--this is a SRK and Anushka film. Anushka's character really brings out the best in SRK's character--she gets him out of his funk, brings him back to London to face his past--which becomes all that he can face.

The return to London and the accident that wipes out his past was a bit hard to swallow--but SRK manages to make it believable, even if Katrina is so standoffish and won't let him into her life!

Go see this film---it is a typical Yashji romance--boy loves girl, girl is one he can't have, boy finds new life--still loving girl!  We shall never see a film like this again, for even if Yashji hadn't passed after this film--this was to be the last film he was to direct in his long career.

Rest in Peace Yashji--your legacy of romance is secure!  We love what you did for Bollywood films during your career--and even if SRK won't admit he is a romantic hero--SRK is my romantic hero!!