Saturday, December 5, 2009

Random Encounters of the Bollywood Kind!

It still amazes me when I bump into Bollywood lovers! And I have found that other Bollywood lovers are amazed that this pale white lady LOVES Bollywood!

Was finishing up some paper work last night at work, and one the students (who is fairly new in my GED classes) came by to clean the floors in the room. He had his iPod playing with only one earphone in, and since these kids play their music so loud--you can hear it all over!! Well his music sounded vaguely Bollywood--mind you I too had my iPod with one earphone playing Bollywood. We got talking, and since he is Nigerian, I should have realized that he would be into Bollywood. We got talking, and the both of us got all excited. He has only been in the states about a year and had yet to find many Bollywood sources--well, he had come to the right pale white lady!!

Well, this is my goal!! Bollywood--now to teach him to knit!